Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 09.52.38


Coral Piano

Acrylic, LED, Automated play system / iPod

151cm x 68 cm x 122 cm



Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 09.57.14

Neon Equinox Table

Luminous Neon Acrylic

40cm x 40cm x 52cm


Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 10.00.30

Happy Pill Table

Acrylic, Low Iron Glass and 14,000 pills

120cm x 100cm x 36cm / 76KG


Dio Davies (UK)

Dio Davies was born in Paris – France, grew up in London – England and is a Notting Hill based furniture and interior designer.

From childhood, the joys of colour, light and materials was picked up from architect and artist parents and Dio’s passion for experimentation has developed into a distinctive personal style, driven by a desire to create interiors and furniture that stimulate the people who live in and with her work.

Throughout her design career her clients have consistently required striking, elegant and unique pieces of contemporary furniture to dress their homes. Finding these truly original pieces has been a challenge and it was this challenge that inspired her to create her own bespoke acrylic furniture designs in 2014.

Originality, creative flair and her love of the reflective, luminous and ethereal qualities of acrylic have inspired a quirky and colourful fusion of furniture and art – and the launch of her new company Dio Davies Limited in 2016 is in direct response to the excitement and demand created by her design work and her passion.

Dio Davies is currently designing commissions both in the UK and abroad for leading interior designers and private clients. Her original commissions are conceived, designed and crafted to surprise and delight.