The Collection / Winter 2016 APART Show



Ship A Hoy (2016)

55cm x 26cm x 20cm

Mixed Media


Rainbow Runners (2016)

32cm x 20cm x 12cm

Chrome and Acrylic


Super Bowler Man (2016)

35cm x 22cm x 12cm

Chrome and Acrylic


SuperDog (2016)

80cm x 72cm x 33cm

Fibreglass, Resin, Aerosol


Moon Dog (2016)

72cm x 65cm x 24cm

Fibreglass, Resin, Aerosol, 1970s TV


Deer Hunter (2016)

58cm x 52cm x 32cm

Fibreglass with acrylic coating






L1130107 copy 2

The Great White Artist (2015)

61cm x 40cm

Fibreglass, Acrylic and Aerosol




L1130190 copy

Racer Dog (2015)

75cm 64cm x 40cm

Fibreglass, resin and aerosol


L1130193 copy

Mini Darth Dog (2015)

65cm 71cm x 33cm

Fibreglass, resin and aerosol


Radiohead copy 2
Radiohead (2015)

85cm 64cm x 40cm

TV, fibreglass, resin and aerosol


DSCF3078 copy 2

Darth Dog (2015)

75cm 64cm x 40cm

Fibreglass, resin and aerosol



Marilyn (2015)

100cm x 100cm

Paintbrushes, Paint Tubes, and Acrylic on Board




Polar (2015)

48cm x 43cm

Fibreglass, Aerosol and Studs







Pistols Horse (2015)

78cm x 101 x 23cm

Mixed Media



Sit ! (2015)

85cm x 55cm x 49cm

Aerosol on Fibreglass



The Eagle Has Landed (2015)

98cm x 24cm

Fibreglass, Aerosol, Acrylic and Varnish



McShark (2015)

48cm x 19cm

Fibreglass, Aerosol and Acrylic




Call Me (2015)

22cm x 25cm x 14cm

Fibreglass, resin and aerosol










Dogs of War (2015)

75cm 64cm x 40cm

Fibreglass, resin and aerosol




Perrus Maximus (2015)

95cm 64cm x 40cm

Fibreglass, resin and aerosol



Great White Artist (2014)

73cm x 52cm

Fibreglass, Acrylic and Aerosol



Bacon (2014)

177cm x 122cm

Paintbrushes, Paint Tubes and Mixed Media on Wood


‘Vincent: A Study’ (2014)

97cm x 70cm

Paintbrushes, pencils and Mixed Media on Wood




Warhol (2014)

150cm x 150cm

Paintbrushes, pencils and Mixed Media on Wood

Golf Wars (2014)

30cm x 7cm

Mixed Media


The Joker (2014)

88cm x 112cm

Buttons, Plastic and Acrylic on Wood


White Cyber Dog (2014)

Mixed Media

89cm x 36cm x 55cm


Alpha Centauri (2014)

108cm x 95cm x 33cm

Aerosol on Fibreglass





‘Deep Sea Artist’ (2013)

Mixed Media

81cm x 31cm


‘The Guard’ (2013)

Fibreglass, Resin, Paint and Varnish

210cm x 55cm x 53cm

Edition of 10 (Different colourways)

# 1, 2, 3 & 4 SOLD


Lamb – borghini

Mixed Media

22cm x 18cm x 14cm

Assorted Works (2013)

Mixed Media



Gold Digger (2013)

Resin, Gold Leaf, Aerosol, Varnish

124cm x 48cm x 36cm


The Jackson Chandelier

94cm x 62cm x 66cm

Resin, Oil, Varnish



Assorted Works (2013)

Mixed Media



Patrick Heron (2013)

Mixed Media

91cm x 61cm x 31cm



Gold Cyber Dog (2013)

Mixed Media

89cm x 36cm x 55cm



The Kingpin Desk (2013)

Resin, Leather, 10000 silver studs

145cm x 76cm x 67cm




Roller Bowler (2013)

Mixed Media

31cm x 24cm x 18cm


Cyber Dogs (2013)

Mixed Media

69cm x 75cm x 35cm



Fun Roo Rider (2013)

Fibreglass, Oil, Varnish

118cm x 112cm x 39cm



Assorted Works (2013)

Mixed Media

12cm x 21cm x 4cm



Pitbull of Prey (2013)

Mixed Media

148cm x 65cm x 24cm


Silver Surfers (2013)


28cm x 11cm x 22cm

Edition of 10


The Barking Dog of Prey (2013)

Mixed Media

72cm x 58cm x 44cm



Gold Wheels (2013)

Resin, Aerosol

98cm x 44cm x 34cm


Sit (2012)

Fibreglass, Porcelain, Gold Studded Collar

108cm x 109cm x 30cm


Gun Dog (2012)

Fibreglass, Paint, Toy Gun

90cm x 80cm


Pac Pups (2012)

Fibreglass, Retro TV, Collar

65cm x 34cm x 30cm

Googler (2012)

Fibreglass, Retro TVs, Paint

108cm x 90cm x 65cm


Bubble Gum Dog (2012)

Fibreglass, Paint, Functioning Bubble Gum Dispenser

95cm 64cm x 40cm



Horse on a Skateboard (2012)

Mixed Media

108cm x 109cm x 35 cm




Brass Bowler Hat (2009)

34 x 12 x 26cm



Cyberdog (2012)
70 x 30 x 75cm
Fibreglass, Retro T.V, Paint, Collar, Chair



Giant Le-Go Stiletto (2011)

105 x 39 x 80cm

Fibreglass, found objects



Pigs (2009)
79 x 38 x 46cm
Fibreglass, Paint


Alamb Clock (2012)
56 x 26 x 35cm
Fibreglass, Paint, Retro Alarm Clock


Chain Gang (2011)
32 x 20 x 24cm
Fibreglass, Metal chain & Paint


Bear Necessities (2011)
60 x 60 x 250cm
Fibreglass and Paint


Pink Guard (2011)
45 x 45 x 200cm
Fibreglass & Paint



Smoking Jacket (2012)
140cm x 110cm x 30cm
Tobacco Pouches, Filter tips & Smoking Papers


Splash Chair (2012)
180cm x 40cm x 50cm
Polystyrene, Fibreglass & Paint



Finn Stone (UK)

Born in 1971, Finn Stone has inherited all the exuberant energy, joy of life and strength of conviction of his Irish parentage. Combined these qualities provide him with an inexhaustible source of gregarious inspiration, which embraces the most diverse creative disciplines.

Having created a diverse range of renowned design products, Finn has molded his love of eccentricity into the realm of sculpture art, where his practice is governed both by his flamboyance and his overzealous imagination.

Somewhat of a sculptural harlequin, he creates work that is juxtapositioned to challenge the banal as he simultaneously tips his hat to his own dream world. Finn continues to create one off sculpture and paintings that are a by-product of his lateral thinking and are dripping in absurdity