Good Morning SF

Acrylic on paper

30 x 46 cm




Acrylic on Canvas

30 x 46 cm



New York City deLuxe!

Acrylic on canvas

89 x 116 cm



Strawberry Pontiac

Acrylic on canvas

90 x 90 cm



L.A Cougar

Acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm




Luis Perez (SPA)

Spanish artist Luis Perez has seen travelling as an essential tool to his work. This travelling allows him to explore and capture the changes of well known cities. Within his works he explores the representation of cities, capturing light on reflective surfaces such as wet pavements, shop windows and especially on cars.

Speaking about his work he says “an important aspect of my work is that I love cars, not only as beautiful and powerful machines but for the reflections their bodies can offer me”.

Perez pushes his limits, seeking the hardest and most diverse light conditions and vibrant street scenes, creating a comprehensive study of light including nightscapes, sunsets, sunrises, snow, and rain. For the viewer this means finding still and tranquil moments in busy modern cities.

By freezing images that capture “that special and magical moment” in cities such as London, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Paris and Los Angeles, Perez expands the boundaries of the traditional landscape. His metropolitan paintings describe nature’s interaction with the contours of the man-made. They depict a created environment, built around us and created through human engineering. He portrays realities where reality is merely a source of inspiration and he filters it through his own reflected thoughts and feelings.