Yautepec (2020)

Mixed Media on Canvas

160cm x 180cm

Thriller Jacket (2017)
Acrylic on Canvas
100cm x 100cm


Carlos Coyoc (MEX)


Born in Mexico City in 1971, Carlos studied Graphic Design at Anahuac del Sur University in Mexico City and then Fine Art at St Martin’s College of Art and Design in London.

His work follows an entirely self scripted narrative, moving effortlessly from illustration to portraiture to sculpture, with an identifiably playful and eccentric style visible in all his works.

Gifted with a very good eye for proportion and perspective, Carlos’ works all have a cartoonist’s assuredness about them, which when scaled up and transferred across to canvas, affords his works a very unique quality, not often seen amongst classically trained painters.

Of his ‘Thriller Jacket’ piece, Coyoc says: “Going deep on the shallowness of pop culture..objects surrounding human icons, become icons themselves.”