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‘An Attainable Future’ (2017)

50cm x 75cm

Oil on Canvas



The Diminishing Optimism (2016)

40cm x 75cm

Oil on canvas



Wilderness (2016)

90cm x 120cm

Oil on canvas



The Right To Remain Silent (2016)

55cm x 75cm

Oil on Canvas


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A Warm Place (2015)

114cm x 78cm

Oil on Linen




Chris Campbell (UK)


“My paintings all have an affinity with the urban environment and have a strong sense of misanthropy and an absence of presence as its main focus. The works are of a photo realist nature, however they retain a painterly quality. Influence has been drawn from painters past and present, from Titian and Carravagio to Patrick Caulfield, David Hepher and Peter Doig. Recent direction has led to studies of tube stations and abandoned cars, tube stations acting the role of landscape, and the cars acting as almost bulky scarred portraits.

In my portrayal of cars, the cars themselves take on the central narrative, the crux of the composition. The empty vehicles act as a residual entity, a shell or a husk long since drained of its drama, its presence the last and only indicator to the episode of events that have previously unfolded. These images are painted nocturnally, sodium orange streetlights cast colours into a strange ambiguous neutral yet sensual palette. This culminates in pools of light casting dark and ominous shadows giving the deserted streets a theatrical menacing eminence. In these paintings a strong narrative is evoked, forming a macabre romanticism in their stillness, emptiness and fragility, thus placing the viewer into a form of solitary confinement and contentment.

The strongest impetus to make paintings is a desire to create a still, yet emotionally charged composition, from images of dull, mundane everyday life, that most people would not stop and give a second glance; a conscious effort to enhance the aesthetic of the mundane.


2019: ‘Things in a different light’. The Tommy Flowers. London.
2018: ‘Things in a different light’. (solo show) Some Great Reward. Leeds.
2017: Neighbourhood. Sunnybank Mills Gallery. Leeds.
2017: ‘The landscape is changing’. (Solo show) The Bowery Gallery. Leeds.
2017: ‘Objects of Desire’. AP-ART. London.
2016: ‘Cityscapes V’. George Billis Gallery. Los Angeles. USA
2015: ’15 years apart’. AP-ART. London.
2015: ‘American modern’. (Solo show) Racquet club Estate. Palm Springs. USA.
2013: The Yorkshire Artists (part V) The Gallery at Munro House. Leeds.
2012: ‘New Romantic’. (Solo show) Studio1.1, London
2011: ‘Loss of faith’. (Solo show) St-ART SPACE, London.
2010: Lynn Painter Stainers exhibition, London
2009: ‘New Paintings’. (Solo show) St-ART SPACE, London.
2008. ‘A406. Beauty and Apocalypse on the North Circular Road’. (Solo show) St-ART SPACE, London.
2007: ‘The End Begins’. The Hospital, London.
2007: Celeste art prize final Exhibition. Old Truman brewery. London
2007: ‘Epoch’ (Solo show) St-ART SPACE, London.
2007: ‘Epoch’ (Solo show) Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery, Leeds.
2006: ‘The Day of the Triffids’ (Solo show) St-ART SPACE, London.
2006: Group exhibition. Zebra Gallery, London.
2005: ‘N.A.B, New Art Birmingham’, Birmingham,
2004. ‘London Calling’. one0two gallery, London.
2003: ‘Fresh Art’. The Business Design Centre, London.
2003: ‘Sign of the times’. Catto Contemporary, London.
2002: ‘Signs That We Exist’. Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery, Leeds.
2001: ‘Patonworld – the first 20 years’. The Paton Gallery, London.
2001: ‘Thirteen’ Florence Trust Studios, London.
2000: ‘Complete’. Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery, Leeds.
1998: ‘Northern Graduates’. The New Academy Gallery. London.