Crepuscular Sect

Oil on Tin Can

21cm x 18cm x 25cm



Cupids on Badgers / God of Folk

Oil on Accordion Case (comes with accordion?

45cm x 49cm x 24cm


Lindsay / God of Subsistence

Oil on Jeep Car Bonnet

120cm x 78cm


Little Hand  / The Inverse Principality

Oil on Tin Can

10cm x 15cm



Morning Brass
Oil on Found Metal Decorative Plate
43cm x 43cm


Polycycle Sigil

Oil on Singer Gazelle Car Bonnet

109cm x 108cm



Ship Inside This House You’ve Made

Oil on Tin Can

15cm x 10cm x 4cm


Supernova Sam

Oil on Metal Filing Cabinet Panels

117cm x 120cm



The Kraken

Oil on Canvas

60 x 70cm




No.16 – Compound Cluster Fit

Oil on Car Panel

1480cm x 123cm


Manu Likes To Disco

Oil on Capri Car Bonnet

127cm x 134cm




Jean Jean Bloemfontein

Oil on Car Bonnet

121cm x 115cm



Blue print for a Bear (2016)

Oil on board

196cm x 196cm




Cartoon Swamp Jazz (2016)

Ink on Board

104cm x 128cm


Mabel (2012)

Oil on Wood

128cm x 58cm x 40cm



Soft Cone

Oil on filing cabinet panel

121cm x 60cm





Limited Edition of 33 Screen Prints on Cairnes Eco Kraft paper

50cm x 70cmm




David Le Fleming (NZE)

Solo exhibitions:

2019 ‘Original Myth’ Potocki Paterson, Wellington
2018 ‘Scrapyard Saints’ Potocki Paterson, Wellington
2016 ‘Instruments of Possession’ Potocki Paterson, Wellington
2015 ‘Inflammable Liquids’ See Studio, London
2009 ‘Petrol’ Signal Gallery, London
2008 ‘Gullwing Mary and the Dannevirke Divas’ Empire Gallery, London
2008 ‘Morri’s Gumpy’ Charlotte Street, London
2006 ‘Ted Mongering’ Foundry, London
2005 ‘Saltarello’ Charlotte Street, London
2004 ‘No Peerless Social Lion’ Foundry, London
2003 ‘Making up for Lost Body Language’ Anvil House, Wellington
2003 ‘No.2 Join the Hayboy Club’ Start Gallery, Wellington
2002 ‘Cordial Factions’ Anvil House, Wellington
2002 ‘Vocabulary Gone Feral’ Walrus Gallery, Wellington
2001 ‘Barney’s World of Absolutes’ Gallery on Riddiford, Wellington
2001 ‘My Guru Needs Fixing’ Rimu Street Gallery, Eastbourne

Selected group exhibitions:

2017 ‘Objects of Desire’ Apart, London
2015 ‘Lost and Found’ James Freeman Gallery, London
2012 ‘Apart Winter Show’ Apart, London
2011 ‘Apart Summer Show’ Apart, London
2011 ‘Generations’ Chelsea Old Town Hall & Saatchi Gallery, London
2011 ‘Configured’ Signal Gallery, London
2010 ‘From London to Lille’ Vertikall Gallery, Lille
2010 ’10 Years Apart’ Apart, London
2010 ‘Carrousel du Louvre’ Louvre, Paris
2010 ‘Jam 3’ Vitry-sur-Seine, Paris
2010 ‘Cluster Fits Five’ Foundry, London
2009 ‘Artists for Dalai Lama’ Krauts Gallery, Köln & Frankfurt
2009 ‘Nice Old Bank on the Corner’ Apart, London
2009 ‘Go Figure’ Krauts Gallery, Cocoon Club, Frankfurt
2008 ‘House of Yamake’ Apart, London


I like to mix painting techniques that, in the same frame, suggest a lens on time. I use conceptual and physical motifs to hint at other ways of seeing.

Line work tickles my fancy and features heavily, with elements like hair used as storytelling devices. Repeating and punctuated line-scapes abstractly plot narrative and character, the subject’s way of being and relevant context.

The surface is of especial interest to me. I often use found objects such as old metal with typography and defects that I work with and weave into the work. The past purposes of these surfaces illuminate one of my central themes: verifying the passage of time.

I’m from Manawatu in New Zealand’s North Island, and after 15 years working in London, now live and work in New Plymouth, New Zealand.