IMG_0138 copy

God And Monsters Series (2016)

125cm x 100cm

Acrylic on Canvas



God And Monsters Series (2016)

125cm x 105cm

Acrylic on Canvas



Kong ’33 (2016)

98cm x 120cm

Acrylic on Canvas



Number 9 (2015)

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

48cm x 125cm


solar copy

Solar (2015)

Oil on Linen

40cm x 32cm


ice kirk copy

Ice Kirk (2015)

Oil on Linen

45cm x 30cm




evel jumps...white75-1




Evel Jumps White

80cm x 80cm

Digital Print on Paper

Edition 50 (37 Sold)


evel jumps...red75.5

Evel Jumps Red

80cm x 80cm

Digital Print on Paper

Edition 50 (31 Sold)


evel jumps...blue75

Evel Jumps White

80cm x 80cm

Digital Print on Paper

Edition 50 (33 Sold)



Captain Ambivalent (2014)

Oil on canvas

101cm x 70cm


Untitled (2014)

Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner

Oil on canvas

126cm x 82cm





Reflection In Venus (2011)

Acrylic on canvas

120cm x 98cm




John Parkin (UK)

Born York 1977, Lives and works in the North



Northumbria University at Newcastle Upon Tyne 1997 – 2000



Doubtless one leading reason why the world declines honoring us whalemen, is this: they think that, at best, our vocation amounts to a butchering sort of business; and that when actively engaged therein, we are surrounded by all manner of defilements. Butchers we are, that is true. But butchers, also, and butchers of the bloodiest badge have been all Martial Commanders whom the world invariably delights to honor.

And as for the matter of the alleged uncleanliness of our business, ye shall soon be initiated into certain facts hitherto pretty generally unknown, and which, upon the whole, will triumphantly plant the sperm whale-ship at least among the cleanliest things of this tidy earth.

But even granting the charge in question to be true; what disordered slippery decks of a whale-ship are comparable to the unspeakable carrion of those battle-fields from which so many soldiers return to drink in all ladies’ plaudits?

And if the idea of peril so much enhances the popular conceit of the soldier’s profession; let me assure ye that many a veteran who has freely marched up to a battery, would quickly recoil at the apparition of the sperm whale’s vast tail, fanning into eddies the air over his head. For what are the comprehensible terrors of man compared with the interlinked terrors and wonders of God!

‘Gods and Monsters’ is a series of paintings by John Parkin. Mainly working in black and white with slight hints of colour, John takes influences from old iconic B movies and literature. As in those old movies where the makers would use a mixture of live and animated stills to create a sequence of film, John uses layers of paint to build up the composition of his painting. The finished pieces relate to mans’ desire to control, conquer, and ultimately kill god.