If I Have to Explain, You Wouldn't Understand

‘If I Have to Explain, You Wouldn’t Understand’ (2017)

Rust on 0.9mm Steel

140cm x 100cm



He’s Caught a Rabbit’ (2012)

Bronze Edition: 7 (3 remaining)

63cm x 27cm x 26cm

DSCF2976 copy

‘The Super Hero’ Series (2015)
Rust and Aerosol on Steel
25cm x 25cm


‘Punk Till I Die’ (2014)

90cm x 120cm (Framed)

Rust on Steel

Metamothosis (2014)

50cm x 50cm

Rust on Steel


18 Songs In Your Pocket (2014)

70cm x 50cm

Rust on Steel


Bill (2014)

105cm x 65cm

Rust on Steel


I’m Not Afraid of Death, I Just Don’t Want To Be There When It Happens (2012)

100cm x 100cm

Rust on Steel




Ryan Hadley (UK)


Born Leamington Spa, 1982, Lives and works in Warwickshire


No formal Art schooling to speak of – more a try it & try it again until it works sort of chap.

Previous shows

The Apartment, Notting Hill London 2012

The Apart Summer Show, Soho, London 2011

Three White Walls Gallery, Birmingham, 2011

Chatham Billingham, Birmingham, 2011

Queenston Arthouse, Manchester, 2010

10 Years Apart, Notting Hill, London, 2010

The ArtLounge, Birmingham, 2009

Turtle Framers, Cheltenham, 2009

Buy Art Fair, Manchester, 2009

Apart Summer Show, London, 2009

Nokia Yamake Art Project, London, 2008

Love Will Bring Us Apart Again, London, 2008

Love Will Bring Us Apart, Los Angeles, 2008

Fresh and Wild, London, 2007

Bals Helmet Show, Tokyo, 2007